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The Beauty Training Group has teamed up with some fantastic product houses to offer quality and competitvely proced beauty training courses, specialising in Lashes and Brows. We're focused on providing high quality services and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.With a variety of courses to choose from, from beginner level to advanced. A TBTG certificate takes hard work and dedication, but you will be given the knowledge and skills to succeed as a beauty professional. 

Eyelash Extensions, beginners

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: 320.00

with kit

Eyelash Extensions are without doubt, the fastest growing treatment in the beauty industry over the past few years - and it looks like its here to stay! Single, false eyelash extensions are applied to every single natural lash, to create longer, thicker, fuller looking lashes which look completely natural.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about the basic application, technique and safety which surrounds this fast growing beauty treatment. Suitable for beginners or those who feel their initial training wasnt up to scratch.

This course is fully accredited 


*No previous experience necessary.

*A model is required for this course and must be patch tested prior to course (they must be over 18yrs)

*A minimum of 4 successful case studies must be completed with 3 months of your course date before certificates will be issued. This is to ensure that you are working safely, and that you are competent and confident in the treatment. 

Kit includes:

  • Training and certification 

  • 2 x Tweezers

  • 1 x 5g Lash Adhesive

  • 1 x Adhesive Remover

  • 3 x Trays of Lashes (mixed lengths)

  • (lashes total approx 10,000 lashes)

  • 50 x Mascara Wands

  • 100 x Microbrushes

  • 1 x Lash Cleansing Brush

  • 1 x Jade Stone

  • 3 x 5ml Saline Solution pods

  • 20 x Gel pads (10 pairs)

  • 1 x Micropore tape

  • Paper Wax Strips

  • 10 x Alco-wipes

  • 1 x Training Manual

  • 1 x Beauty Foundation Manual

Advanced Lash Master

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: 350.00

with kit

This course is a MUST for any Classic Lash Technician wishing to expand their knowledge and storm ahead of their competition, in the Eyelash Extension Industry. 

This is suitable for both those who are trained in Classic Eyelash Extensions and/or Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions.

This is a truly hands-on, fun, informative course that will leave you buzzing when you walk out the door. If you feel you are stuck in a rut with basic lashing techniques - this course will certainly liven you up and drum that passion back in to your love for lashing!


Some of the things you will learn on the day....

Eye Shapes

Lash Styling 

Advanced techniques to create fuller looking lashes without becoming trained in Russian Volume application

Colour & Glitter Lash work

Increasing Retention so clients lashes last longer

Correction techniques

Speed work 

and much, much more!

This course is fully accredited


*You must hold a valid Eyelash Extension qualification

*You must have at least 3 months experience in lashing, after qualifying

Kit includes:

1 x C 0.15 mixed length Flat Lashes 

1 x C 0.12 mixed length lash tray 

1 x D 0.07 mixed length lash tray 

1 x Coloured lashes

1 x Clear adhesive

1 x Microfoam Tape

1 x Tray of lower lash extensions

7 x Lash Maps

1 x Foam Pump Bottle

1 x Cleansing Brush

Students are required to bring their usual kit with them on the day. This should include everything you usually require to carry out a full set of eyelash extensions (Tweezers, Gel Pads, Micropore Tape, Adhesive, Range of Lashes - nothing heavier than 0.15)

Russian Volume Extensions 

Duration: 1 Day

Cost: 350.00

with kit

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions are the latest offering in the Eyelash Extension industry and are a must for progressing Eyelash Technicians.

The course includes everything you need, to enable you to offer your client amazing Russian Volume sets from 2D to 8D, which will transform natural lashes into stunning, full yet fluffy sets. We will teach you the different techniques of how to achieve this incredibly skilful technique.

You will still work by the basics of semi permanent lash extensions to ensure you do not compromise on the individual application, to ensure healthy and strong lashes and extensions that will last a long time with regular top-ups.

This course is fully accredited. 

*You must hold a valid qualification and certificate in Eyelash Extensions

*You must have at least 6 months experience after qualifying, before undertaking this course

*You must be confident and competent with the basics before booking this course

The Advanced Lash Master is recommended prior to this courses but it is not compulsory. 

Kit includes:

  • Fully accredited training & training manual

  • 1 x Volume Adhesive

  • 1 x Volume pick-up tweezers

  • 3 x trays of volume lashes (various lengths and thicknesses)

  • 1 x Lash Tile

  • 1 x Lash Cleansing Brush

Lash Lift and Tint 

Duration: 1/2 Day


249.00 small kit  

299.00 large kit

Lash Lifting is becoming a fast growing treatment in the beauty industry. Its different to the traditional eyelash perming method which was done using sticky rods. 

A Lash Lift is different to a Lash Perm as this treatment uses innovative silicone shields that enable the therapist to "lift" the eyelashes from the root, to give more natural, voluminous curl. The final result with leave the clients eyes appear larger, more open and their eyelashes appearing thicker, curlier and lifted. 

You will also be taught to safely tint the lashes to add further definition to the lashes. The benefits for the client is that there is no need to use eyelash curlers, they can ditch their mascara 

This course is fully accredited


* No previous experience necessary

*A model is required for this course and must be patch tested prior to course (they must be over 18yrs)

Small kit includes:

  • Perming Lotion x 5

  • Setting Lotion x 5

  • Nourishing Lotion x 5

  • Small Shield x 4

  • Medium shield x 4

  • Large shield x 2

  • Lash Lifting Tool 

  • Protein Remover Pads x 1

  • Eyelash lift Adhesive x 1

  • Peroxide x 1

  • Black/Blue tint x 1

  • Tinting Brush

  • Dappen Dish

  • Micropore Tape

  • 25 Microbrushes

  • 10 Mascara wands

This kit will allow you to carry out between 5 - 15 treatments

Large kit includes;


  • Perming Lotion x 10

  • Setting Lotion x 10

  • Nourishing Lotion x 5

  • Small shields x 10

  • Medium shields x 10

  • Large shields x 10

  • Lash Lifting Tool x 1

  • Protein Remover Pads x 1

  • Eyelash lift Adhesive x 1

  • Black/Blue tint x 1

  • Tinting Brush

  • Dappen Dish

  • Tinting Peroxide

  • Micropore Tape

  • 100 Microbrushes

  • 25 Mascara wands

This kit will allow you to carry out between 10 - 30 treatments. Excellent value for money!! Your Educator will explain how to make your products go further to help make the treatment more cost effective.

One to One

Duration: 2hr minimum

Cost: 40.00p/h

We hear from a lot of students that have had previous training elsewhere in various areas, that still lack confidence.

We are determined to continue to put excellent therapists in to the industry, and ensure we provide as much support as possible, even if they did not originally qualify with us.

Our Eyelash Extension support sessions are amongst the most popular, due to so many companies now offering this course. Many have very little expierence in the treatment themselves, or they are teaching their students very out-of-date techniques.

We will tailor these sessions to help you work on your weak areas, and give you the confidence you need to carry out treatments with ease.


*A minimum of 2 hours is required for any support session. Additional hours can of course be added

*Students must hold a valid qualification in their chosen field to book a support session. A copy will be requested upon booking

*Students must hold a valid insurance certificate

*You will not gain a recognised qualification from support sessions, but a certificate of attendance can be issued upon request for an additional £5


Cost: £40 per hour